J.S. Bach Weihnachts-Oratorium German Text Pronunciation

The sound files on this page are edited versions of files produced by Dr John Cavallaro, and recorded and edited by Dr John Pearson, to assist the singers of Princeton Pro Musica in rehearsals for a performance of the work in 2010. The German text is from the Bärenreiter edition of the work. The English translation of biblical passages is from the King James VI Authorised Version of 1611; the other English translations are by Mr Robert Minett of St Margaret's School, Aberdeen. The choir gratefully acknowledges the work of Dr Cavallaro, Mr Pearson and Mr Minett.

These pages were originally produced by Aberdeen Bach Choir to help singers rehearsing for a performance of parts 1-4 on 8 December 2013 in St Machar's Cathedral, Aberdeen, and the pages for parts 1 and 4 have been re-used, along with new pages for parts 5 and 6, for the rehearsals for the performance on Sunday 3 December 2017 in the same venue.

Part 5 The Journey of the Magi

43. Chorus

Ehre sei dir, Gott, gesungen,
Dir sei Lob und Dank bereit'.
Dich erhebet alle Welt,
weil dir unser Wohl gefällt,
weil anheut unser aller Wunsch gelungen,
weil uns dein Segen so herrlich erfreut.

Let honour be sung to you, O God,
Praise and thanks be prepared for you.
All the world exalts you,
Since our well-being was your pleasure,
Since today all our wishes have come to pass,
Since your blessing so gloriously delights us.

53. Chorale 

Zwar ist solche Herzensstube
wohl kein schöner Fürstensaal,
sondern eine finstre Grube;
doch, sobald dein Gnadenstrahl
in denselben nur wird blinken,
wird es voller Sonnen dünken.

Indeed such a heart's closet
may be no ornate princely chamber,
rather a dark pit;
yet, as soon as your beams of grace
only peep within it,
it seems to be full of sunshine.

46. Choral

Dein Glanz all Finsternis verzehrt,
die trübe Nacht in Licht verkehrt.
Leit uns auf deinen Wegen,
daß dein Gesicht
und herrlichs Licht
wir ewig schauen mögen!

Your radiance destroys all darkness,
the troubled night is transfigured with light.
Lead us on your paths,
so that your face
and glorious light
might always be visible to us!