Come and Sing Along October 2009

Conductor's Quiz - Questions and Answers

The winners were:

1st St Machar Maids - 21 points
2nd Adele and Co. - 19 points
3rd Edith Power - 16 points



What does CLAN stand for?

Cancer Link Aberdeen and North (1)


What is the organisation’s newsletter called?

CLAN Claik (1)


When was the new Roxburghe House opened?
A. 2003   B. 2004   C. 2005   D. 2006

C. 2005 (1)

How many patients can Roxburghe House accommodate?
A. 14   B. 24   C. 34   D. 44

B. 24 (1)

5     How many Voices for Hospices events are taking place around the world today?
A. 177   B. 237   C. 297   D. 357

D. 357 (1)


6     And in how many countries?
A. 30   B. 40   C. 50   D. 60

D. 60 (1)


What was the name of the hospital Handel donated money to and how much did he give?
A. £4,000   B. £7,000   C. £10,000   D. £13,000

The Foundling Hospital.   C. £10,000 (2)


Put these musical periods in chronological order.
A. Romantic   B. Classical   C. 20th Century
D. Renaissance   E. Medieval   F. Baroque.

E D F B A C (1)


Which composer has the same name as a queen, a train station and a sponge?

Victoria, Tomas Luis de (1)


The vowels have been removed from these composers’ full names. Can you identify them?    
A. flxmndlsshn   B. grgfrdrckhndl   C. hnryprcll   D. jsphhydn

A. Felix Mendelssohn   B. George Frederick Handel  
C. Henry Purcell   D. Joseph Haydn (4)


Which two dances are found in the phonetic spelling alphabet?

Foxtrot and Tango (2)


Who was Bob Dylan’s greatest creative inspiration?

Robert Burns (1)


What is the total age of today’s conductor, soprano, baritone and organist?  A. 84   B. 132   C. 151   D. 166

C. 151 (1)


‘Come, ho! And wake Diana with a hymn.…And draw her home with music.’ Vaughan Williams set these words in his choral work, ‘Serenade to Music’. But who wrote the words and in which literary work do they appear?

William Shakespeare and the Merchant of Venice (2)


Which instrument could be described as equilateral?

Triangle (1)


What do Mozart, Verdi, Rutter, Fauré, Brahms and Britten have in common?

They all wrote requiems (1)


Which instrument has alcohol inside it?

Trumpet (1)


Who said, “architecture in general is frozen music”?

Friedrich von Schelling, German Philosopher (1)


Which one musical term will complete the following words?    
A. egg_ _ _ _er   B. _ _ _ _ itudes   C. tra_ _ _ _ed

Beat (1)


Who has won a beauty competition?
A. Gordon   B. Gillian   C. Colin   D. Ian

A. Gordon (1)