J.S. Bach Mass in B Minor
Passages for individual rehearsal Easter 2024

Recommended Recording

Recording by Netherlands Bach Society under Jos van Veldhoven.

Free rehearsal tracks (listen online) are available from Cyberbass.



Bars 1-4 – Security of pitches, particularly on the first beat of the bar.

Bars 45-72

Bars 97-111

Kyrie eleison

Bars 11-35

Bars 51-End


Bars 41-65

Et in terra pax

Bars 20-38

Bars 62-End

Gratias agimus tibi

Bars 13-End

Qui tollis peccata mundi

Bars 28-42

Cum Sancto Spiritu

This whole movement is worth spending some individual time on, particularly the latter part where the runs start (bar 37 onwards)

Bar 68 – Remember that this entry is quite sudden!

Symbolum Nicenum

Again, this whole movement needs to be very secure – please sing through all of this if you can.

Et incarnatus est

General consolidation – this movement sounded great a few weeks ago!


Bars 29-End

Et resurrexit

Again, being very familiar with the whole movement would be extremely useful!

Basses – Please spend some time on bars 74-86 – Tenors – you could potentially join the basses here!


Bars 18-54

Bars 73-91

Bars 118-147 for transitions

Vivace e Allegro

All of this section but particularly bars 61-End.


Focus on the individual runs and separating the quavers as we discussed in rehearsal this week.

Pleni sunt coeli

Again, all of this but particularly bars 104-End


Again, work on the individual runs in this movement would be very useful!

Dona nobis pacem

Bar 12-End