Information for prospective and new members

Welcome to Aberdeen Bach Choir. I do hope you will enjoy singing with us. The choir has been around for 60 years and we perform a wide range of music from Renaissance to new commissions. Our members have varying degrees of musical expertise. We are by no means all expert musicians or sight readers, but we define what it takes to be a choir member as:

to be able to sing accurately and in tune, with a secure sense of rhythm and be familiar with musical notation.

If that sounds like you, I am sure you will enjoy the experience of rehearsing and performing with us.

Leofric Studd, Chair

How to Join

Aberdeen Bach Choir is especially keen to recruit new singers, particularly male voices. Currently, there is no audition process - an ability to sing in tune is the minimum requirement! Anyone interested in joining the choir should contact the Membership Secretary – by email in advance.

The December concert will take place on Sunday 15 December two weeks later than usual because the venue, the newly refurbished Aberdeen Music Hall, is not available on the usual date of the first Sunday in December. We will be performing Handel's Messiah along with Aberdeen Choral Society and Aberdeen Sinfonietta.

We will begin rehearsals on Tuesday 27 August 2019 at High Church, Hilton (7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.) and rehearsals will continue at the same times at the same venue, with a two week break during the school October holiday. We will also be rehearsing Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, which we hope to perform at some point during the term.

The yearly subscription set at the AGM on 21 August 2018 was £60 or £45 (concessions) but could change following the 2019 AGM on 20 August. Students are free! Newcomers are allowed two or three weeks settling in before confirming their membership and being asked to pay their subscription. There is normally a small charge for music hire, or you can buy the music for some performances.

Members are expected to participate in all rehearsals (those missing more than three rehearsals must ask permission of the Musical Director to sing in the performance). Attendance at rehearsals on the weekend of the performance is essential and absence will be allowed only under exceptional circumstances.

The performance will take place on Sunday 15 December 2019 at 7:45 pm in Aberdeen Music Hall. There will be rehearsals with Aberdeen Choral Society, Aberdeen Sinfonietta and soloists on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 December - arrangements still to be confirmed.

Our concert dress is formal evening attire. Gentlemen wear dinner suit, white shirt and black bow tie. If you don't have suitable clothing,please speak to Kate Mason, one of our second sopranos, who has access to a small collection of mens formal wear. Ladies wear a long black dress, or a long black skirt or evening trousers with a black evening blouse or top. If your skirt is not full length, please wear opaque black tights. If preferred, smart dress black trousers may also be worn although not in the front row. Sleeves must be at least elbow length.

Please apply perfumes and deodorants very sparingly as strong smells can disrupt some people’s breathing whilst singing. Please avoid too much bling if wearing jewellery and ladies should not wear wrist jewellery if wearing elbow length sleeves.

We like to think of ourselves as a friendly choir, and if you make yourself known to one of our Committee members (the Membership Secretary, Sandra Massey, is likely to approach any new faces who have not already contacted her), we will ensure you are introduced to someone who sings the same part as you, to help you fit in quickly. Your section representative is your first point of contact.

Section representatives

Sop 1

Sandra Massey

Sop 2

Jeanette Barclay

Alto 1

Judy Junker

Alto 2

Libby Brand





Bass 1 Fraser Westwood Bass 2 TBC