London 2008 - Personal Perspectives

... Then it was our turn. The audience was a distraction as every movement was applauded, but nothing could diminish the power of the piece and the ultimate hope that peace is better than war. It was wonderful to have been part of it, to have been one of the 3000 voices. Something I will never forget. .... More

Anne Wilcox

The bass line in the Albert Hall included our Musical Director, Gordon Jack

Musical Director, Gordon Jack, amongst the bass troops in the Albert Hall
(photograph courtesy of David Way)

.... I returned home exhausted, but exhilarated, thinking when could we do it all again? More

Anne Henderson

.... Let's do it again next year!! More

Roger Hessing

.... I shall long remember the dignified beauty of the St Columba’s Church with its wonderful acoustics which seemed to enhance our choir sound. .... More

Anne Farquhar

.... It was worthwhile noting that one member of the audience [in St Columba's] had come because she had been stationed in Aberdeen during the war!!! ... More

Fraser Westwood

.... Suddenly we saw the signs, Oyster system not working! All travel is free! Pausing only a moment to shout, “Good old Boris!” we set off for our hotel. .... More

David Way

.... At the heart of any successful venture lies the planning. Although I don’t claim to be the first to express this, the success of our whole London week-end from start to finish would support it. George’s strategy for success was planned meticulously on paper and then as his plans were put into action he was on the alert to make sure nothing went wrong. .... More

Isobel Malcolm, Publicity Secretary